March and April Provençal Quilt Blocks

Two more

The Quimper Hitty Human is continuing to make monthly quilt blocks out of mostly Provençal fabrics…





…this one is Block #3…




…and this one is block #4.




Almost every day is a quilt day in the Hitty cupboard!  Constance is pondering various uses for the scraps.




10 thoughts on “March and April Provençal Quilt Blocks

  1. So exquisitely beautiful! Thank you sooooooooooo much for all the joy and delight that you bring into my life through the sweetness and beauty of your blog, Kjerstin! It is a treasure that I savour and find great joy in!

    Thank you so much for being you and for all the loveliness that you create! ❤

    • You are welcome! One of my aims is to try to see the wonder and fun in life, and to pass it along. I am so glad you are finding joy and beauty here – it means a lot that you say so!

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