The garden is looking good at the human’s house…





…though the lawn is a little brown,




…but down at a Hitty’s vantage point….




…the grass is growing!




10 thoughts on “Grass

  1. Grass!!! Funny how on the same morning, in one end of the country Hittys are waking up to growing grass and others…to storming snow! Glad Tipsy is coming to life in the greener area! She would certainly suffer splits and splinters in this freezing temperature! Thanks for sharing blades of hope.

    • Oh dear, I am very sorry to hear about the snow! Tipsy is glad to be coming together in a temperate climate…neither Viola nor I thought that watching grass grow would be so entertaining!

  2. Your garden is lovely with the pretty rock and stone boarder and that beautiful big tree. The virus has changed the way we live but Spring is coming with all it’s beauty. Comforting.

    • Thank you very much, the tree is about 25 years old, but it is usually seen as a bush, we’ve just trimmed it that way. It’s called California Lilac or Ceanothus Victoria (coincidentally), and it isn’t too too tall, though delightfully big to a Hitty!

  3. How enchanting to see your perspective, Viola! The blades/rays of hope (as mentioned by Dollhouse Lady) are certainly cheering. Thank you QH human too!

  4. oh my that front garden is looking good and I can just imagine how lovely it will look when the grass grows in nice and thick. So pretty!! WIsh your human gardener could come visit my yard!.

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