Tipsy Limbers Up


Legs and feet were roughly carved separately…then pieces assembled with tape and temporary pins, to make sure the feet ended up on the right legs, in the right position, and facing forward! They were glued into place and dried overnight…




…then holes were drilled up through the feet and into the leg, and a bamboo skewer inserted. More waiting for the glue to dry then the peg was cut off. This made a stable (we hope) ankle joint.




While the ankle joint dried the arms were roughed out.




When the feet were pegged and stable, the extra wood was trimmed off, and the legs sanded…




…then the arms.




Hey, let me out of this teapot!


There are a few complicated joint pieces to work on still, so Tipsy is trapped in a teapot for now…It will be another couple of days before she can get out and exercise!



19 thoughts on “Tipsy Limbers Up

  1. Tipsy is a cheerful little one. I appreciate you sharing the steps. Sometimes it feels like these little wonders appear by magic … but most of the magic is driven by patient work.

    • A little at a time – this wood requires patience and hard work (and magic!) Luckily it all seems to be coming together in a good way for Tipsy, and what I most love about Hittys is that they seem happy with whatever we can do for them.

  2. Yes, you’re definitely exposing the patience it takes to carve a doll, especially with the harder woods. But, Tipsy will be another lovely addition to your wonderful group. I’m looking forward to her adventures. She’ll have her own perspective I’m sure.

    • Tipsy is a little character already – she will enjoy our household I think! The rest of the Hittys are wishing I would speed it up a notch, but hurrying is not the way to get this girl completed!

    • I am glad you think so – I hope she will develop a taste for tea…of course most of my dolls spend a bit of time in the teapot, but this hard wood is requiring longer breaks for the human, so she Tipsy is getting quite a good long teapot time!

  3. thanks for showing us the birthing of Tipsey, I’m sure she will be happy to get out of the tea pot – although she does look cute – and on her feet in the garden with her house mates.

    • Tipsy spent part of the evening in her teapot with me on our front porch, just watching the grass grow, and listening to the evening birdsongs…she definitely wants out of the teapot though. There are some enticing mud puddles, and trees to climb and flower forests to get lost in…

  4. Tipsy can’t tip over in her tea pot…adorable.Her woodgrain is lovely. I can tell your Hittys were carved by you and yet each one is totally unique, one of a kind, and oh so special and precious.

    • I love Tipsy’s wood too – I wish you could feel her – she is soft and satin-smooth and warm, such a unique wood, I have always loved it. I’m so glad to have got to the point in my carving that I thought I could do it justice and though I am slightly terrified by the tricky bits I have time to savour the whole process. Thanks for your encouragement!

  5. I just love your carving and resulting creations, they are such wonderful happy dolls. I wish my ‘rough’ carving looked as neat as yours! I’ve come to a bit of a standstill with mine…I can’t seem to decide what to do next as I just can’t do features and it frustrates me.

    • Dear Muriel Makes, I was an inexperienced carver once too. The best thing I ever did was to take classes from the best doll-carvers I could find to learn from them about both subtle and obvious things I could do to improve my skills. I really recommend it!

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