Rhubarb and Ginger


Gráinne helped to harvest…




…and haul the rhubarb home.




But her favourite part of this recipe requires cutlery!




She relished chopping the rhubarb into chunks…




…and for smaller jobs she has a smaller blade…




…candied ginger, take that!




Jane scooped out some sugar…




…and stirred the pot..




…until it turned into Jam.




…and this is the result!




3 lb Rhubarb

2 oz candied Ginger

3 lb sugar

juice of 3 lemons

Cut Rhubarb into chunks with your sharpest cutlass.

Pour sugar over and leave several hours or overnight.

Cut ginger into small pieces using your pointiest dirk.

Put Rhubarb/sugar, lemon juice and ginger into large pan.

Boil until thick, stirring frequently.


Eat on toast, or with fresh biscuits or croissants.


14 thoughts on “Rhubarb and Ginger

    • Yes, Gráinne is always finding reasons to employ her cutlass – she has proven to be very helpful in the kitchen, especially when chopping is required, or guarding the pantry!

  1. I missed yesterday’s post and must tell you how great Tamino looks in his powered wig and bow. He is the most handsome of all male hittys. What a catch…

    Just seeing your rhubarb makes me long for my mother rhubarb pie. We rarely have it here in our stores.

    Grainne driving that tractor was so Grainne…but seeing her with that handy smaller blade in her boot was just a riot.

    You really could make a fortune writing children’s books…and adults like me, whose inner child is always present.

    • Thanks! I like the way Tamino’s wig turned out, and he is very happy to be completely and properly attired! And Gráinne is delighted that you approve of her dirk – one of her favourite weapons!

  2. Yum, love the addition of ginger, will have to try that. I’m surprised that something is nibbling on the rhubarb leaves – they are poisonous. I’ve occasionally used them as a mordant, they are a good source of tannic acid.

    • I could wish for a little circle of mollusc corpses around the rhubarb leaves, but alas, they seem to ravage the rhubarb and then head on over to the Iris. Interesting to think of them being used as a mordant – I’ll keep that in mind if I need to do any dyeing in the spring!

  3. Grainne just makes my day….LOVE the dagger in the boot!! And of course the rhubarb chopping is amazing!! Horrid Hetty Hickory is in awe of her swordmanship!!!

  4. So many lovely details in your photos! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe! It sounds and looks delicious! That little canning jar of jam is like a little jewel.

  5. I look forward to trying your recipe- thank you! I just transplanted a crown of rhubarb from one small over crowded garden bed to another larger one, and I hope that the rhubarb will survive the shock of transplanting!

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