Up the stairs to the front porch…




…the table was set for tea…




…with a fortifying cup of tea for three!




For Sharing

Tipsy wishes her two friends were here and could share the tea…




…but in the meantime she guzzled it all herself…

Thanks very much to the friend who gave us the miniature three-handled Tyg with Gaudy Welsh painted design by Allerton’s of England!





15 thoughts on “Tyg

  1. I fear when it comes to my cup of tea…I would haply pour a cup or cups of tea for family and friends….but when it comes to my cup…I too would guzzle it all up my myself.
    Tipsy is so wonderful…and I smile every time I see her.
    P-l-e-a-s-e show us how to make a sweater out of a child’s sock.

  2. So interesting! I was not familiar with Tygs, and I love the design. Tea must have tasted very special served in this wonderful mug. I’m sorry Tipsy’s friends could not join her yet.

  3. You are the fount of knowledge about all manner of unique and charming things! I have never seen a 3 handled cup or heard of ‘Tyg’s before. And I am with Tipsy in missing having friends over for tea, which is one of life’s great pleasures.

  4. you introduce me to the most interesting topics. Of course I had to research the tyg cup! thank you.
    and who could blame sweet Typsy for guzzling down the whole cup!

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