My new doll blank is getting impatient…




…she was cut from the branch of a special tree…




…Dogwood flowers are beautiful, and so is the slightly pinkish wood.




Floradora would like me to carve her a nose so she can sniff her natal flower!




Not Yet

…she is tired of being no longer tree, but not yet doll!



13 thoughts on “Floradora

  1. I will so look forward to Floradora’s emergence as the days continue on. Would she be coming from one of your own trees or a friend’s tree? She will no doubt be a special doll. I think it’s so cool that she will/may have a pinkish glow to her wood.

  2. Floradora, we look forward to welcoming you to the world. So many adventures await you in the Quimper Cupboard!
    What fun!!

  3. P.S. Just remembered…I have an antique Floradora doll! she is larger then HItty (about 9″) with bisque head and
    composition body. She can be Quimper Floradora’s distant cousin!!

    • For some reason, all the Quimper Hittys love climbing trees…I guess it is not that surprising. The pretty pink dogwood tree just gave me a little nudge and suggested I start carving!

  4. Oh how exciting a new doll in progress and a special one at that! I will look forward to seeing her come to fruition… I have one who is still sitting waiting oh so patiently, I just can’t do faces, so she will continue to sit and wait awhile.

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