Confiture de Cassis


Constance picked a basket full of Black Currants…





…and after studying the hand-written book of family recipes…




…she got to work picking through the fruit.



pot full

She ended up with a pot full of berries, to cook, and a pile of stems for the compost. The dried flower ends on the berries don’t matter, as they soften and turn purple during the boiling process. She ended up with sticky hands!




After adding some water, she cooked the mixture until it was a lovely mush, then Constance measured the volume of pulp, and an equal volume of sugar…




…and boiled them together until it reached the “sheeting stage” or 220 degrees F.




Look – two big pots and two Hitty-sized pots of Confiture de Cassis.





Ingredients: white sugar; water; Black Currants (from half a cup to a couple of punnets). Pick through every berry, and remove any stems. Leave the unripe ones, but get rid of the mouldy ones!

Method: place black currants into a saucepan, add about half the volume of water.  Boil the berries until mushy. Stir as it cooks to prevent scorching. When cooked and mushy, measure the pulp, and put back in the pan. Add an equal volume of sugar. Then, while stirring constantly bring to a rolling boil, and keep stirring until the mixture reaches the sheeting stage, or 220 degrees F.

Bottle (or eat on fresh scones – heaven!)






12 thoughts on “Confiture de Cassis

  1. The Quimper Hittys never cease to amaze me. Those hitty sized jelly jars are astonishing. Constance is a pro in the kitchen.

  2. Oh! Mamie’s buds are fully awake and she is salivating…fresh confiture de cassis on a croissant is a dream come true for her!!! She says she can smell your preserves over thousands of miles and she is very thankful for the recipe. I believe the hunt for black current is on!

  3. So delicious looking! I am not sure I can find black currants, as our bush was never replaced over the years. but I may make some fresh strawberry jam! The last batch was overcooked, and needs to be thinned down a bit. Then it will be delicious over ice cream!

  4. Constance is such a good provider for her Hitty family. Lovely jars of preserves. Our wild blackberry thicket is nearing ripeness!!

    • Isn’t it amazing how fast the summer comes! Fruit, flowers, long days – Constance is a great help with the preserves, which will help us to remember these lovely summer days.

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