Arianell found a Thimbleberry patch, but she didn’t have a basket!




Not a problem…she knows how to make a Thimblebasket!  First you pick a Thimbleberry leaf with a long stem…




…then you bend the stem in your fingers so it doesn’t break off…




…curl the leaf into a cone…




…and stitch it together with the stem!




Then you fill the little basket with berries…




…and bring them home to Mormor!!





20 thoughts on “Thimblebasket

  1. Besides the efficiency of Arianell (what a marvelous basket), I am taken by her admirable quality in honoring her elder, Mormor.

  2. I am the happy Great Aunt of two little girls. (my nephew’s daughters). Learning how to make these wee little baskets from leaves is something I can pass along now. I will tell them that I learned how from Arianell Hitty. Their Mormor (they call Nanny) loves Hittys too…her house is filled with them.

  3. How exceedingly clever of dear little Arianelle!! And how tasty those berries look. I imagine Mormor will make something delicious to share with her girls.

    • When we find a bush loaded with berries, and no basket to collect them, then needs must! We are glad our Swedish ancestors taught us these little woodland tips! I can imagine the little forest people doing something like this, though they probably wouldn’t have been caught without a collecting basket (try looking up Elsa Beskow’s Children of the Forest)

      • It would be so wonderful to be able to come to the Coast next summer…. but this summer, ‘over the mountain’ folk are not welcome in BC, so we will stay on this side of the mountains for now, and long for the ocean and friends and family there. It will be pure joy to travel to the Island again! ❤

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