Eighteenth Century Ensemble


An eighteenth century outfit made for a friend has been sent off to her…but in case you missed the previous blog posts that show the various hand sewn costume elements, I have created a gallery showing the progression (click on any image for a larger version and then scroll through the gallery using the arrows on the sides):







We are very happy to say that the ensemble arrived safely at its destination…




…and it fits!




28 thoughts on “Eighteenth Century Ensemble

  1. Mamie’s head and heart are spinning! Slipping into this amazing garment makes her feel like a queen… she finds most incredible that you could create such a masterpiece from scraps of fabrics! She says she feels all the love that went into creating it and is very happy to tell you that the actual turmoil we live in just took a step back today! She forgot about confinement and restrictions! Thank you so much for making her life a better place. So much better that she cannot bring herself to take off this work of art…She may wear it the whole day. All our love goes to you dearest friend.

    • Mamie IS a Queen, she doesn’t really need the outfit to prove it to me! But I am so very glad that she likes the ensemble, and that it fits her! It looks fantastic on her, she is such an elegant lady!

  2. The ensemble is stunning…enjoyed the process and precision…and then, the pretty pictures of the pert lady it was intended for. Thank you for taking us along in this journey of the Eighteenth Century Ensemble.

    • You are very welcome, it was an excellent opportunity for me to exercise my stitching muscles, and my imagination! I enjoyed every minute of planning, cutting and sewing, up to and including sharing the pictures of the results with you!

  3. Really, there should be a ‘Love’ button to click, as merely clicking ‘Like’ is just not enough! This is magnificent! Every detail is exquisite and gives me shivers of delight! Every time I open one of your posts, it’s like a box of delights, but the beauty that you have shared today is definitely like Christmas morning! wow…. and thank you! ❤

    • I think Mamie looks amazing too, I hoped and planned she would, and it worked – her sweet personality and upright stature really make the outfit look the best it possibly could!

  4. Absolutely exquisite. Mamie looks like she is thrilled beyond words. This ensemble is exceptionally fabulous. Your talent knows no bounds.

    • It is really nice to hear from appreciative people! I am lucky that I have had some experience and resources working on human garments through my job (before I retired) and I am just really glad to have the chance to make little things for Hittys!

  5. Words fail me…but not for long….what an ensemble!! Thank you for showing all the separate pieces…That you made it all to fit dear Mamie…. Most marvelously you made it in such a way that in spite of all the layers Mamie looks quite
    stylish and elegant. TO do this for such a small dolll. …I am in awe of your abilities.

    • Luckily all the parts of the ensemble (except the corset and the outermost Robe), are basically just a rectangle with drawstrings or ties…the corset can be laced more tightly or loosely so it is quite an adjustable garment too. The robe was a bit trickier – I am very glad that it fit! But in fact it is pinned to the corset, so it is fairly adjustable too! Thanks very much for your kind comments!

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