Strawberry bowl


Rose has a beautiful small ceramic bowl…




just right for collecting strawberries…



Big and small

…and friends love to share…




…berries for breakfast!


The beautiful little bowl was made by Katie Fogg (click here for her website)


10 thoughts on “Strawberry bowl

  1. What a pleasant narrative you’ve shared today! I always admire the artistic touches in each of your adventures…the aprons, the dresses, the bowl, the spool, and the fruit today.

  2. Rose is such a wonderful big sister. Yum…strawberries….it looks like that is what Gilly is thinking. Thankfully the earthquake didn’t damage the strawberry crop…Still laughing at my mistake.

  3. Rose is wearing one of my favorite aprons! Her bowl is beautiful and so perfect for berry gathering. So generous of her to share the bounty with her family!

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