Butterflies of British Columbia

Tipsy and Vanilla found our beautiful Lepidoptera reference book…



Red Admiral

…Tipsy consulted the maps – we live in the range of the Red Admirals…



Pale Blue

…and Vanilla inspected the pages about the Western Tailed Blue!



Butterfly Bush

The girls went out to the Butterfly bush…




…which was buzzing with bees, but not butterflies.




In the back yard they found more bees, and…




…Tipsy spotted a Red Admiral, but she wasn’t quick enough to catch it…





…the little Knotted Turkish Blue is the only one they were able to see up close!




Thanks to one Hitty friend for the sweet string of blue and white igne oyasi Butterflies from Turkey, and to another Hitty friend for Vanilla’s sweet butterfly dress!

Igne oyasi is a handworked edging made using a needle and thread…Click here to see a Turkish textile blog entry and little video showing the technique!

15 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. I marvel at your threading tales together with those items that come your way…..always enjoyable, educational and creative. Thank you for the charming touches that more than dot your narratives. The butterfly dress is lovely on Vanllla and the knotted butterflies are delicately charming.

  2. Becky put it great…you really are a marvel at story telling…your Irish D.N.A. bursting forth me thinks.
    The string of blue and white butterflies are darling…and so are Tipsy and Vanilla…what an uplifting story.

      • Thank you! I can’t seem to help myself…maybe you are right! Butterflies have been fluttering through our garden lately – and the girls were happy with their Knotted Turkish Blue, because it was the only one that held still! You are certainly right, Vanilla adores her new dress!!

  3. The butterfly garland is amazing…I watched the video….so intricate! I think I would need her sitting by my side to master that technique…and even then I might just stare in wonder! Vanilla looks pretty in her new dress and I laughed when Tipsy had the net on her head!

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