Comox Valley Hittys Berry Adventure 1

Linnea and Lavender

Linnea and Lavender decided to go berry-hunting.





First they found some horse poo…




…It was really stinky. Luckily, with the help of a mask they were able to make it through the invisible stink.




They found some flowers…



More Flowers

…Then they found a few more flowers.



This is the first of three instalments about the Comox Valley berry adventure!




13 thoughts on “Comox Valley Hittys Berry Adventure 1

  1. Oh this sounds like a story from favorite youngest member of the family. I’m wondering if she is in Quimperland? I adore the mask that Linnea is wearing and wee little Lavender is precious.

    • Oh no. I should have read the title of the story…Yes Comox Valley…that little girl has her grandmother’s way with a fun story.

    • Those little Hittys do have entertaining adventures, it is delightful to have them spontaneously arising, and appearing in my inbox! Horse poo is a fact of life in their neighbourhood!

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