Dog Days


These are the “dog days”  of summer, called so because the star Sirius (the dog star) is visible in the Eastern sky just as the sun is rising in the morning.  The dog days are renowned for being the hottest of the year, so Perdita is very careful to water all the plants…




Vanilla went to visit the Dog Daisies…





…and Jane was making lemonade…




…because Tansy and Constance were melting on the front porch.




Vanilla and Tipsy went to play with a puppy…he is cast iron, and has the word Renown printed on his back, but they think they’ll call him Sirius.




8 thoughts on “Dog Days

  1. Like so many of your stories they can go from practical to useful to beautiful and then you can surprise us with comical, all in one story. That photo of Tansy and Constance sitting in front of the fan, made me laugh out loud. I’m 72 years old and still get those dreaded hot flashes (thought they were supposed to go away) the girls look like I do in front of the fan. Really makes me laugh.

  2. Delightful! That fan is fantastic! Love all the pics….Perdita’s copper watering can is perfect.. NO wonder the girls want to love that puppy…so cute. Ahhhh it is the dog days here in Missouri also…Summer time!!!

  3. They may be dog days of summer, but I’d say they are also very content, domestic days at the QH household. Thanks for sharing another cozy session from your amazing abode.

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