July and August Provençal Quilt Blocks


Constance has been helping me with our one-block-a-month quilt blocks…





…she’s great at pinning…




…and helps guide the fabric through the machine…




July on the right, and August on the left!



13 thoughts on “July and August Provençal Quilt Blocks

  1. The blocks are so pretty and so well done. It’s so cool that you and Constance can work at this together. Memories……..

  2. I never heard about a quilt with that name. But you reminded me yo my mother… She built a quilt with pieces of non used clothes in square shape… You took me to my infance. Thanks for that.

  3. Your quilts are so beautiful. I am always interested in the way you choose your color pallet. You have such a good eye for what works. I can see that this quilt, when finished, will be a true masterpiece. A quilt of Art.

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