We are glad not to have forest fires in our neighbourhood…but the wind is blowing North bringing smoke and ash from fires in California, Oregon and Washington. The air quality shows 10+ or Very High Risk – we are advised to avoid strenuous activity…


…so, following instructions, Constance went to the Quimper Hitty’s Library for some escapist literature. It is true that the sky is rather Mordor-ish at the moment…




…but Jane Austen will do a better job of relieving anxiety. Hittys, being made of wood, have a particular horror of forest fires. We hope all our friends will keep safe, and that those who are suffering will find relief.



12 thoughts on “Smoky

  1. Yes, these fires are dreadful. We have relatives in California and Oregon. The smoke can be seen from their windows.
    How awful that the air has reached the Quimper household.
    Constance has a way to stay calm…love that about the nature of Hittys…reading is a good way to do this.

    • The forest fires are very worrying indeed. We are quite horrified by it all, and though we haven’t seen the sun or been outdoors in days because of the air quality, we are very lucky not to be dealing with the flames. Reading and re-reading familiar books is very comforting and calming.

  2. I am sorry that the smoky air has reached the QH household region. Yes, escapist literature is surely a way to “dwell” elsewhere for a time. It looks like Constance has a well-stocked shelf of relief.

    • The smoke arrived several days ago, and the air quality has gotten steadily worse. Constance is a good role model that way in finding relief in small pleasures while larger ones rage all around – and coincidentally she has many of the same books that I do! We both find a great deal of relief in spending time in the early 19th Century for a little while!

  3. You have my full empathy about the smoke- we had apocalyptic smoke from forest fires a year ago, and it was ghastly. My heart goes out to the people who are living in the middle of the fires. I am hoping and praying that the fires are quenched and that they can find ways of re-building their lives.

    • Yes, the Air Quality in our city is among the worst in the world just at the moment…not a good record to be breaking. The pictures are shocking and we are so worried for the people in the midst of it all, it is so stressful.

  4. I’m surprised that the smoke has reached you as well. Probably I don’t have a clear understanding of where you are located. We’re in the Very Unhealthy range here 60 miles south of the Canadian border. I’m not made of wood but I still have a horror of fire. To lose *everything* like that is heartbreaking.

    • The Quimper Hitty cupboard is in Victoria BC, which is 40-some miles (60 km) south of the 49th Parallel that forms the international border for a large part of Western Canada. The wind is all from the south at the moment, so the smoke is piling up here. We don’t often have to deal with this much smoke for this long a time, but as I say we are grateful that we are not having the actual fires. It is heartbreaking.

    • The thimbles are from here and there – mostly from charity shops! I like them too, and the Hittys can use them as special goblets for special occasions. Jane likes to polish them – they are very gratifying! We are lucky – so many ways of lucky!

  5. Constance has the right idea! A good book is always a wonderful escape from the woes of the world. As for avoiding strenuous activities? I have been doing that all summer! Sorry that your air quality is so poor. Sad to see what is happening in so many Western states.

  6. It is nice to know we have a friend who is an expert in avoiding strenuous activities, who we can call upon if we need any tips or further ideas! We totally agree about a good book being a wonderful escape, and Jane Austen is one of our favourites! The air quality is extremely poor, but it may ease up on Tuesday…

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