Late Summer


The end of summer means green is mixed with red and gold…

Mountain Ash

…fruit and berries abound…



Orb Weaver

…and so do Spiders!



Funnel Web

Constance doesn’t mind spiders too much. They can be startling, but they have their place in nature, and they are weavers after all.




Of course it is nice if they stay in their allotted place…




…which doesn’t include the Art Gallery.


Feather Duster

Constance encouraged the spider to depart…



Fall Quilt show

…that’s better!




9 thoughts on “Late Summer

  1. I just love this “walk” today. I too have noticed how busy spiders are this season-in the house. Constance knows how to ward them away from her habitation. I too think the quilt is beautiful; it’s so appropriate for the season.

  2. I enjoyed today’s amble through the garden and the gallery so much – thank you 🙂
    And, I am glad that the spiders are on your side of the screen and not mine LOL
    Even though they are an important part of the ecosystem, I prefer it when there is a little or a lot of space between the arachnids and me 🙂

    • I have been noticing the spiders and their webs lately – it is the time of year I guess…The webs can be impressive! I saw some communal spiders in Argentina once whose webs were as big across as Hula hoops!

  3. Beauty and fun!! A great day spent with Constance and her appreciation of nature and art….and a tidy home!
    Love all the beautiful colors.

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