Knitting in the smoke

Still Smoky

The smoke is still making us cough…the AQHI is still at 10+ and it is still recommended that we avoid strenuous activity…

Malabrigo yarn

…and Rose was in the mood for lace-knitting which is only strenuous for the brain.




The cats always think knitting is a good idea…




…because playing with string is fun…




…and they like it when laps stay in one place for extended periods of time…




…and the results are usually quite snuggly.



12 thoughts on “Knitting in the smoke

  1. I’m sorry there is coughing and limitations on your lives at this time. Thank you for bringing light to a shadowed time with your lovely knitting. It’s comforting to see how thoughtfully even the cat is cared for at this time.

  2. Playing with sticks and string is so soothing and healing, isn’t it? Lace making really does lift the spirits! When we had apocalyptic smoke from forest fires for 2 summers, it really impacted everyone’s emotional health as well as their physical well being, so I am really glad that you are so resourceful and creative about bringing lightheartedness into your life, and that it pours out so generously into ours! Big hugs! ❤

    • It is for sure. The smoke has persisted a long time, and starts to wear you down after a while….Rose is good at taking pleasure in doing the ordinary things as are the rest of the Quimper Hittys! They inspire me!

  3. I am so sorry that the smoke has reached Quimperland. It is beyond anything we ever thought we would be dealing with at this level. Rose is very wise to knit and have a kitty close at hand. You can see how all of the Hitty commenting family, cares so much for you. Hugs and love from all of us. This will pass and life will improve.

  4. How awful about the smoke, but what good use Rose is making of this time of enforced indoor activity. And how lovely for the kitten . The color of the knitting project is so attractive. Hope the smoke dissapates soon.

    • Rose was so glad we dug out the tail end of that Malabrigo yarn – it made very nice socks, but we think it also makes excellent autumnal shawls! the forecast is for the smoke to dissipate early next week – we very much hope it is so!

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