Textile Outings


Thankfully the smoke has receded from Quimperland so Constance and I were able to spend a couple of hours at a friend’s loom this morning…

Fabric Gifts

…and a couple of hours this afternoon visiting a relative who kindly invited me to dig in her scrap bag for fabrics to augment my hexagon stars…




…when we got home, Constance decided the twill piece could wait until tomorrow to be hemmed.

Thanks, Rose for the pretty shawl…we went into the smoke in the heat of midsummer and came out of it into a cool autumn!



8 thoughts on “Textile Outings

  1. So happy to read that conditions have improved in Quimperland. You and Constance must have felt uplifted to be able to go out and visit your friend and family member…and digging in fabrics is the most fun of all.

  2. I agree with Mary Anne…so glad things are looking up in your region and that friends are available to you. Picking out fabric would surely have been a cherry on a chocolate cake. I assume you and Constance like chocolate cake?

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