Tea Cosy


After a mild bout of the dreadful lurgy, Constance felt well enough to sit up and do some cutting-out…




…and some sewing…




…using her favourite thimble of course!




Vanilla collected the newest creation…




…and went off to make some tea.  We all love the beautiful crochet tea cosy, but Constance decided to make a felt Snowy Owl, better suited to the chilly season!




Nothing better than a restorative cup of lovely hot tea:



16 thoughts on “Tea Cosy

  1. Is Constance a little delicate? She’s had the lurgy a couple of times, it seems to me… Still, it doesn’t seem to stop her being creative; that’s a magnificent tea cosy!

    • Constance and I generally seem to get the Dreadful Lurgy at about the same time for some reason…I don’t think of myself as delicate, though I do get one or two “Dreadfuls” a year.

  2. I’m so glad that time, rest and tea have helped restore Constance. Seeing the newly made, very cute tea cosy as a result is a sure sign of recovery.

  3. I am completely enamored with the owl tea cozy…the owl dress too…I’m seriously smitten by them. Constance and Julie are soulmates…they can hardly wait to get their hands on fabric, thimbles and sewing projects.

    • Constance certainly works magic with a needle and thread, and I know Julie does too! We love the results of all snipping and stitching, and interesting fabrics and little patterns…we couldn’t help ourselves when we spotted the owl fabric – isn’t it delightful (made in Japan by Kokka, but bought in the US)

  4. I love the Owl tea cozy and I am sure that the Quimper Hitty Kitties will love it too…. Constance may not be up to reading ‘The Owl and The Pussycat’ to them, but perhaps one of the other QH’s will? Sending lots of healing hugs and energy! ❤

  5. beautiful, heartwarming tale of recovery. Love everything about it, the tea cozy is delightful as is Vanilla’s dress, rag doll’s outfit with the red buttons and the tiny scissors and thimble. Once again the Hittys have started my day with a smile.

  6. That darling snowy owl is just the thing to keep the teapot cozy in cooler weather. So glad Constance was feeling up to cutting and stitching, and that Vanilla kindly made tea to share with her.

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