Minor Indisposition


The Quimper Hittys were concerned…




…Constance was feeling indisposed!



Folk Remedy

It’s just a minor lurgy – not THAT one, luckily – easily cured with minor remedies like tea…



Pheny O-Caffein

There’s enough caffeine in the tea and Constance didn’t need Pheny O-caffein (The Standard since 1888)…




Gilly offered her very favourite dolly to hug…




Constance feels better already!



18 thoughts on “Minor Indisposition

  1. I’m sorry that Constance has been feeling under the weather. I hope that the loving kindnesses of Jane, Patience, little Gilly, and even kitty, have brought her much comfort.

  2. Ohhhh, so sorry to hear of the minor lurgy that came Constance’s way. As mentioned earlier (blueheron), loving kindnesses and finding a place of comfort and rest can surely do wonders. Take care, Constance, and glad it wasn’t THE lurgy.

    • Lurgys are no fun at all, even a minor one, but we are very glad that this one was short-lived! The other Quimper Hittys were kind, and let her rest too, as well as administering her their various favourite remedies!

  3. Sighs of relief in the Sutton cabinet! We were concerned about this indisposition. Very happy Constance is getting care and love. She should be up and smiling in no time.

  4. Oh, my goodness…what an adorable way to get the lurgy. It was so sweet of Gilly, bringing Constance her Raggedy Ann doll. I am in awe of that amazing tea cozy. Constance must know how loved she is. Is Constance’s nightgown made with Swedish fabric??? Loved that too. No doubt it is worth getting the Lurgy in the Quimper Cupboard.

    • The tea cosy was made by Hitty friend Blueheron, the Quimper Hittys love it! The nightgown is made from scraps of a LL Bean human nightgown, but I thought it looked “Swedish” too, and pounced on the scraps when I found them! Isn’t that the cutest Raggedy Ann doll? All the Hittys love it!

    • Thanks for your good wishes…The lurgy is receding, and thankfully, was never going to get too serious. We are all lying low at the moment, some slightly lower than others, but all on the mend!

    • The quilt is one I made using scraps of a yoyo quilt made in the 1930’s, the tea cosy made by Hitty friend Blueheron, and the wee rag doll I bought at a craft fair many years ago…Constance is getting lots of kindness and attention, and even a bit of peace and quiet so she can sleep!

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