Sock Time


The weather has turned damp and chilly…




…it is definitely sock time in the Hitty cupboard for those girls carved with bare feet…




and shoes for those who have them…




Tipsy, Tuesday and Viola wonder if Rose can be prevailed upon to do a tiny bit of tiny sock-knitting!




12 thoughts on “Sock Time

  1. YES! We had our Granny put on her little red socks last week when our temps went down. She is toasty warm now and is always grateful to have them. I guess Winter isn’t far away. Wonder when our first few snow flakes will arrive this year.

    • Red socks seem like they are probably warmer than other colours – at least that’s what the Quimper Hittys think! We are glad your granny’s feet are toasty warm again! There was snow here in BC last night, though thankfully not here in Victoria!

    • The lilac socks are a little scrap of Noro Lace yarn. We generally use lace weight yarn, size 1 mm dpn’s and the Tiniest Wee Sock pattern by Meg Bakewell on Ravelry, with some adjusting to fit individual Hitty feet!

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