Tipsy’s Toes

First sock

Rose was happy to knit socks…



Second Sock

…for Tipsy!



They fit!

She nearly always gets the second sock to turn out the same size as the first one!



Thank you

Thank you so much Rose…



Six Happy Feet

Tuesday, Tipsy and Viola have happy feet…




…because now they can all play pumpkin sockscotch!!




9 thoughts on “Tipsy’s Toes

  1. Our Granny Hitty loves her red socks and is glad the weather got chilly so she can wear them. She can relate to happy feet.
    This pumpkin hopscotch game is inventive…no one thinks up fun like the Quimper’s.

    • I think sockscotch is a blend of leapfrog and hopscotch, played indoors, around Hallowe’en. I am imagining your Granny Hitty explaining the game of sockscotch to the Woodsbluff girls, hiking up her skirts and hopping over the pumpkins in her red socks…fun is what makes the world go ‘round!

  2. Rose is such a wizard with those needles! The girls look quite cozy and I love seeing them playing their pumpkin sockscotch!!

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