National Black Cat Day 2020


The Block Twins are keeping their favourite Black cat company – gazing out the window at the birds hopping around in the back garden!




Siyah, Tipsy and Catnip

Tipsy tried to play hide and seek with Siyah…but she just wanted to sit in the clump of catnip, sniffing in bliss.



Vanilla, Siyah and Cedar

Vanilla thinks Siyah is the most elegant cat in the family…



Min and her Familiar

…and Min thinks she is perfect in every way.




Siyah means Black in the Turkish language…

October 27th is National Black Cat Day! We, and Siyah think it should be celebrated every day!







9 thoughts on “National Black Cat Day 2020

  1. Siyah is so lovable…She is absolutely precious the way she stays and seems to like enjoy the company of the hittys. (although we all know cats cannot admit to being smitten with anything they must appear aloof)

  2. I am owned by two black cats…Charming Charlie and Emma Darling! I fullly understand their appeal! Siyah is very photogenic!!

  3. We chose to remember our beloved Indy on this special day for black cats. Thanks for your lovely photos of and with Siyah!

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