Floradora in October

August 8

It has taken me a very long time to get carving on my new dogwood doll blank…I received the blank in May, photographed her in June (Click Here for a link to that blog), worked on her legs a bit in July, got her head and body out to tinker with in August…




…got her this far in September…




…and this far by the end of October.



July Legs

I started on her legs in July because I was a little anxious about beginning with her face!



October Arms

Having got her legs, head and body carved, I had to get to work on her arms…



October Limbs

…but now, Floradora is almost done and ready to take on the world – she’s just waiting for five pegs, three dowel channels and a bit of paint!




Looking Forward

Floradora is very glad to be no longer tree, and almost doll!

Many thankyous to Janet Cordell for the blank, the encouragement and the advice!



21 thoughts on “Floradora in October

  1. I like that many of your dolls look like portraits of real people, rather than all being stylised/idealised. Floradora rather resembles my younger sister at age 7 or 8, even more so if she turns out to be a blonde!

  2. it always amazes me, that while you follow all the traditions of the original Hitty, each of your little woodens has a very distinct personality. Thank you for taking us on this journey of creation.

    • You are very welcome, I find that each piece of wood is unique, and reacts to the carving process differently, likewise I am in a different mood every time, so the dolls become themselves in different situations. I enjoy the process of finding them!

  3. She is darling!! Dogwood is the Missouri State tree…the trees that grow wild in our woodlands have a white flower. I believe your new girl will be a wonderful addition to the Quimper Cupboard!!

    • Thank you! I didn’t know that about the Missouri state flower…the British Columbia provincial flower is the dogwood too, but the pacific species Cornus nuttallii. We hope that will make Floradora feel special!

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