Floradora’s Flowers


Floradora has got herself painted…




…and pegged together and clothed.




With a name like hers, it isn’t surprising that she headed out to the garden to look for flowers!




The Fuchsia still has a few blossoms…




…and the feverfew…




…we are so lucky to live in Victoria where there are still flowers in the garden in November!





18 thoughts on “Floradora’s Flowers

  1. Floradora is beautiful…just like her namesake…She is absolutely precious. She looks like she could be a friend of Gilly’s and Min. She appears like a younger hitty to me. It always amazes me the way Hittys are released by their carvers.

    • Thank you! I was aiming for around 8 years old, but I think she does seem younger than that…interesting how proportions, stance and the painting all affect the overall impression. In Floradora’s case, the main thing for me is that she ended up not looking like she was about to cry, or about to scold someone…both were phases she went through, but came out cute!

  2. what a sweet expression she has…so serene and calm. Quite the antidote to these trying times. Once again the Quimper human has created beauty!!

    • I am really happy with her – thanks! Sweet, serene and calm are very good results for a little girl who came into being during a plague year…I am glad you think she is an antidote! It was certainly a calming and positive experience to carve and paint her, and I feel sure she will be a delight to play with too.

    • We are very touched by all the kind and encouraging things you and my other Hitty friends are saying about this little being..she is a distillation of hope I think, during hard times, it is nice to imagine someone in the far future loving her as much as I do now!

  3. Floradora is very lovely, Kjerstin. She looks to me like she stepped out of a previous century…a more innocent look is in her eyes, at least a more meditative look (in my opinion). Do you have any thoughts as to her looks? She’s a bit different than the rest of your dear household of QH dolls. I really like how she’s come out.

    • I think maybe she did step out of the 1800’s! Perhaps her tree was that old? When ever she started on her journey, I am very glad she gives the impression of innocence, I was aiming for calm and peaceful. She seems to be understanding of difficulties but not letting them overwhelm her, and maybe she is more meditative…it is a good practice to help stay calm during rough times.

    • Thanks very much, Floradora feels younger to me too! I have been saving that fabric to make her a dress because she was made from Dogwood wood. Rose is brandishing her knitting needles again you will be happy to know! We are discussing puppies again….

    • Thank you so much Celia. I am glad you think she is pretty, and also glad you like her name…I think she is going to dance barefoot with a wreath of flowers in her hair come midsummer!

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