Carrot Soup’s Snowstorm


Carrot Soup invited Vanilla to work on a snipping project…




…she showed Vanilla how to fold paper, and snip and cut carefully…




…and carefully unfold the paper…




…into a beautiful snow storm!



There is always a lot of clean-up after a snowstorm!





16 thoughts on “Carrot Soup’s Snowstorm

  1. I’d forgotten all about paper snowflakes. Yours are so beautiful. The first snowfall of Winter is always a magical one…this one certainly is just that.

    • We don’t get too much snow here in Quimperland, though this is supposed to be a cold winter! Sometimes the paper kind is the only kind of snow we get in a year! Small Human and I really enjoyed making snowflakes – first to decorate the Quimper Hitty shop, and then we (and Carrot Soup and Vanilla) just kept cutting until we ended up with a snowstorm!

    • Thanks! It was the youngest human’s idea to make snowflakes, and once we started we couldn’t stop! Thanks for your very kind comments on the dresses – we have a lot to choose from, and this time the young human made the selections!

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