Porridge Pot

Jane always makes a big pot of porridge for breakfast…




…but now there are so many hungry mouths in the Hitty cupboard…



Porridge Cauldron

…she makes a huge cauldron-full.



Washing Up

Fortunately there are always volunteers to help with the washing-up…



Clean and Dry

…a full tummy and a clean kitchen are so satisfying!





9 thoughts on “Porridge

  1. Appearances seem to indicate that Jane is ready to serve a crowd. The Hitty girls are very resourceful when it comes to using what’s available. They set such a good example in utilizing what’s around as well as keeping tidy in their place of habitation, their home.

    • Jane is always ready! Her kitchen has hidden stores, large and small pots, recipes galore…and she is full of vim and vigour, despite her wraith-like stature (compared to Hittys). She always appreciates help with the clearing up though!

  2. Jane seems like a loving mother type to all the hittys. She certainly takes always being available seriously. The porridge looks like the perfect breakfast on a cold day. We like it with blueberries and cream.

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