Advent Calendar 3, 4, 5, 6

Dec 3

Our lovely Crafty Advent Calendar delights us every morning…Constance nabbed the magnetic bookmark on December 3…



Dec 4

…Floradora, Tipsy and Arianell were warmed by the freshly-roasted spices on December 4…. Jane’s delicious curries will be even tastier now!!!



Dec 5

A beautiful, tiny, Hitty-sized watercolour on December 5…They can’t wait to get it framed and installed in the Art Gallery!



Dec 6

And look at these sweet ceramic decorations from December 6th!




Thank you so much to all the Christmas Angels, You make us want to dance around the living room!





12 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 3, 4, 5, 6

  1. This was such a fun and unique idea. I imagine many of us will introduce this wonderful Advent Calendar idea to family with adults and children alike, contributing their home-made gifts. It will be so much fun to exchange these sweet treasures from family to family. Just loved it.

  2. Oh how lovely. The Country Hittys are saving this idea for next year. I should probably get busy making little gifties and being on the lookout for fun things. What a fun project! Love the girls dancing about!

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