Socks for Floradora

Small Socks

Rose helped me work on the Christmas socks for the youngest human…



Smaller Socks

…then tried to get a Hitty-sized pair done for Floradora (with the help of the cat).




One sock finished…




Then a little waiting…




…and then two! Cat approves of the result (so does Floradora – now the slippers don’t fall off!).



16 thoughts on “Socks for Floradora

    • Floradora is glad to have her socks at last…they are faster to knit than the human-sized ones, but they are much more fiddly! The slippers were made by a First Nations woman in the Yukon…they are indeed very traditional, comfortable and pretty!

  1. Your dolls have the dearest little feet, socks and slippers. How well clothed and shod they are. It’s so nice to see Rose coming in to help out in this particular area of knitting. Nicely done, Rose!

    • Rose is a great encourager – which is invaluable at this time of year, when we think we are all organised but somehow run out of time! Floradora is very glad – and I was nervous that a little slipper would go flying and end up under the sideboard, lost!

  2. astounding!!! How you can knit those tiny little socks. My girls cherish their pair of red socks. So happy that FLoradora can now walk about in her slippers.

    • Rose and I sometimes wonder too – I think it might take three or four pairs of socks to get back in the swing of knitting these wee things…Red socks are the very best, but for some reason, Floradora wanted white, and of course Rose was happy to indulge her!

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