Advent Calendar 7, 8, 9, 10

December 7 Chutney

Jane was overjoyed with the enormous jar of Cranberry Shallot chutney. It will be so delicious – she’s thinking of making an accompanying curry with the December fourth spices!



December 8 Bookmark

A beautiful bookmark, made with handmade paper and decorated with a sweet embroidered star! There are never too many bookmarks in the human household, and this is a beauty!!



December 9 pillow

A lovely lavender eye pillow for the end of a difficult day…Floradora, Tipsy and Arianell did not have a difficult day, and were so relaxed that they managed to fall asleep.  It was a very apropos gift for the human, as she had a very headache-inducing eye exam on the 9th, and once the pillow was extracted from the Hitty test-subjects, she found it beautifully relaxing and soothing!



December 10th Cordial

A lovely bottle of Raspberry Cordial – we like mixing it with fizzy water, and also making salad dressing with it (substituting for whatever vinegar you usually use in vinaigrette).




Thank you so much to all the Christmas Angels, for the comfort and the joy! Look – you have gotten the Hittys dancing again!





15 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 7, 8, 9, 10

    • It has been hard lately, and some of us have extra burdens. Comfort and joy are not absent, but they can seem very small and fragile, compared to the rest of the grim news and sad things that pile into ones head sometimes. I am especially glad when I can take notice of the little things, (cups of tea, silly antics of our pets, note from a friend) they do add up, and small is not the same as insignificant, as my dolls are wont to point out.

  1. Right on! Supply of joy is short…one more reason I so enjoy the Quimper Hittys’ adventures each day. They put happy into my Holidays this year. We are so very blessed with these little woodens and their magic fairy! Thank you dear human, for this daily gift.

    • I am so glad the Quimper Hittys are keeping you amused with their very small adventures…they make me smile sometimes, and I am very happy to hear that it can have that effect on you too. Happy holidays to you dear friend!

    • I am amazed and delighted with the thoughtful useful and entertaining gifts. I don’t know all the people who contributed, and more often than not, I don’t know whose gift was made by whom, but it is all due to our friend who organized this – she is a marvel, and a lovely person! We are all feeling the fun and the love, I hope everyone knows how much they are appreciated!

  2. It is so wonderful to have these gifts to look forward to each day. I’m so glad for you. Having the Hittys to enjoy it with (and then share it all with us)…it is an advent for us too.

    • It is wonderful fun, and I feel so appreciative I will never forget it, and can’t help sharing with you. I thought it was much too good an idea not to share it…a special project during a hard time.

    • I have been having fun with my big box of treats…I am really glad you are too, you are right, that sharing the fun is helping get through this dark season, and keeps us remembering our friends and relatives who love us. ❤️

  3. what a fun selection of gifties! Comfort and joy indeed! Even tho this has been a difficult year for so many reasons I
    too am takig comfort and joy from all the simple pleasures in my life. Wonderful to have the Quimper HIttys inspiring me along the way.

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