Mittens and Kamiks


After an extremely wet and cold day yesterday, Vanilla enjoyed a little stroll in the garden. The standing water was all frozen and there was ice on all the paths.  She was toasty enough in her warm blue coat, bonnet and muffler, but unfortunately her hands were a little chilly…



Tree Ornaments

…but in a moment of true serendipity, a young Hitty friend came by to hang some Hitty-sized gifts on our Rhododendron!



Perfectly beautiful

These mittens and a pair of Kamiks were made by a skilled artist in Nunavut, and the mittens fit perfectly!




They are so warm!




Vanilla could make snow balls if there was enough snow!



Icy Path

She spent a long time outside, wearing her beautiful new mittens…



Kamiks in the tree

…and she hung the Kamiks in the Christmas Tree!

Thank you so much to the young Hitty friend who used to live in Nunavut, and thought that the Quimper Hittys would enjoy having these warm and beautiful works of art – they are wonderful! We love them! We might have to make a Hitty with specialised feet to fit into the Kamiks, but meanwhile they will be treasured!



16 thoughts on “Mittens and Kamiks

  1. My mother had a pair of kamiks made of sealskin, and they were wonderfully warm and hard wearing, as well as being absolutely the best footwear for slippery conditions. She passed them on to me, and I wore them till they went bald and fell apart when they were about 50 years old. I missed them in cold weather until I moved to the tropics… They were beautiful, with embroidery down the sides.

    • What a lovely memory! They must have been so special to you. I can imagine they would not have been needed much in Australia! The Quimper Hittys are so lucky to have been gifted these ones – they may well wear them for fifty years!

  2. I so love your posts. I was never imaginative enough for ‘proper’ play like this – spent lots of my childhood making tiny things, and leaving them for the Borrowers, but never played with them. Seeing how all your many gorgeous tiny miniature crafted items are integrated into the lives of the Hittys is a total joy. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • You are welcome – I just can’t seem to refrain from playing with them, though I did have to carve one first. Having Hittys all over the house helps! I am also sure that the Borrowers at your house were overjoyed with your tiny offerings, just very very shy…

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