Fol Epi Panettone

The humans splurge on a Panettone every year for Christmas Breakfast…the best in Victoria is from Fol Epi bakery.

Click Here for their website!




And Look!!




A Hitty-sized Panettone from Lillipuce, in a tiny perfect box (it is Boxing Day after all)!

Click Here for the Lillipuce Etsy website (and Hitty Bakery!)



Somebody Loves Us

Just like the humans!




Tipsy got the Panettone out of the box…



Morning Delight

Arianell and Floradora sat down at the coffee table…




…and everyone feasted on Pannettone (both were delicious)!!





11 thoughts on “Panettone

  1. Oh, deep envy. I can’t buy them here, although when I lived in Melbourne there were plenty of Italian pastry shops to get one from on Christmas Eve. Lucky Hittys, and such a beautiful coffee service to enjoy, too. I had ontbijtkoek en koffie, nearly as good.

    • Alas that you don’t have an Italian Bakery nearby. Fol Epi usually ships theirs, though that was suspended because of You-know-what this year. (But take note for next year) or perhaps you have a friend near Melbourne who will take pity on you. I once mailed a Panettone to Antarctica!

      • I think that temperate climate to cold cimate would work OK, but I’ve some dreadful experiences with stollen arriving after a short trip, entirely covered in blue fur because of our humid climate, especially now, at the height of the Wet (our summer). Never mind… I will feast on my home made Jamaica ginger cake instead.

  2. it looks quite delicious. I have never sampled this treat, but i just looked up a recipe and perhaps I shall try to make one! Altho I suspect it would not be the same as the one from your favoirite bakery! Love the photos, especially of the girls enjoying their tiny Panettone.

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