A Leaping Golden Hare


An exquisite golden hare leaped into the Hitty Cupboard on Christmas Day!




It is embroidered on a beautiful magical pillow, stuffed with lavender, made by Pauline Thomas in England.

Constance declared that it will make sitting in the Opera Chair even more comfortable and relaxing.



Magic Flute

In fact, while The Magic Flute was on the Radio on Boxing Day…



A Dream

…Constance drifted off, and dreamed that Prince Tamino dropped by!

Click here for the Etsy site for Embroidered by Pauline.





16 thoughts on “A Leaping Golden Hare

  1. This is an artistic dream narrative today! How gorgeous is that pillow and then to have that beautiful opera chair AND Prince Tamino come along! Well, Hitty adventures just don’t get any better. Thank you for sharing this sumptuous scene with us.

  2. Such beautiful bullion work on that hare! She’s very skilled, and the choice of the blue velvet is perfect. No wonder Constance dreamed so sweetly – just as well it wasn’t a visit from the Queen of the Night!

    • You are so right, Constance would have been Very un-relaxed if the Queen of the Night had dropped by!!! We are in love with the beautiful leaping hare, and so admire the other lovely things on Pauline Thomas’s website!

  3. Constance wearing her musical dress, the beautiful golden Hare and the Magic Flute playing on the radio is what dreams are made of. No wonder her Prince came into her dream…or perhaps he truly came by?

    • It was a beautiful afternoon dream…we have missed going to the opera this last year, but Constance has decided to try and appreciate the radio and internet offerings more fully while live performances are in abeyance.

    • Aren’t they lovely? A very kind and thoughtful relative gave the pillow to us, saying she thought it was about right for the Hittys. We think it was more than that, it was Perfect, and perfectly beautiful, and obviously magical as well!

  4. such a beautiful story through the photographs, How much I love your creative world. All details fascinating, but the pillow… Thank you so much, Love, nia

  5. Thank you for writing about my embroidered Hare. It is always wonderful to hear of the life, my creations lead, after they leave my hands and are gifted into a charmed life like this one. You have made my day and my Christmas. With fond family musical memories resurfacing too, associated with 3 Flautists in the family, they too would approve of this little story and Constance’s listening choices for Boxing Day! Love it.

    • Your work is absolutely sublime! The little Hare pillow was a magical and inspiring gift! Thanks so much for telling me your musical memories too – I also think it is wonderful to hear from people, in my case about the stories that float out into the void, hoping someone besides me will be amused!

  6. that gorgeous pillow is indeed exquisite…such fine embroidery!! How sweet that Constance was able to drift away to dreams of the gallant Prince Tamino. Lovely story and photos. I am smiling!

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