December Afternoon Beach


The Cat girls walked down to the beach on a mild and pleasant December afternoon…first through the reeds…




…then along a crevasse in the rocks (they tried very hard not to get their tails wet!).




They scrambled half way up the rockface (knocking a few periwinkles off the sides) and rested on a shelf…




…and after a breather, they clambered even higher…




…until they reached this amazing floating tide pool.




Look down – you might fall up, and land on an island in the sky!




Opal and Agathe love the Hitty cupboard, but sometimes they have to escape to the beach…




…to breathe the fresh air, climb up rocks, fall into puddles and gaze at the horizon!

16 thoughts on “December Afternoon Beach

  1. I feel like nia does. I can almost smell the sea. The cat girls are always a delight and your lovely photos are such a wonderful uplifting pick me up. Those large boulders are beautiful against the back drop of the sea. Magical.

  2. It’s wonderful that the cat girls take advantage of the offers of nature where they’ve been planted. The serenity is a blessing.

    • There is something about sitting on a driftwood log, watching and hearing the waves roll in and out again, which is almost hypnotic, (on a calm day!). We are very lucky to have this almost right outside the back door!!

  3. I’ve so enjoyed celebrating the season with your Hitty clan… The cat hoodies are just darling and I loved the tomten hats they’ve been wearing during their advent adventures. As always your photography is so evocative. Thanks so much.

  4. wonderful photos and text. being landlocked it is an adventure to see the Hittys and the sea! And the poetry of it!
    Also those tails always make me chuckle.

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