Tatting Tangle


One thing is certain – if humans are playing with string…




…cats want to play too!




The Hittys’ cats are delighted with Mormor’s new toy…



Hens-and-chicks lace edging

…and can’t decide whether to pounce on the hens first, or the chicks!



Tatting Delight

Mormor is always happy to entertain the cats.





11 thoughts on “Tatting Tangle

  1. Yeah, Mormor! Your work is lovely. I’m so glad you’ve shared your new toy and it’s beautiful outcome with us. It’s a dear past time for the season we find ourselves in.

  2. Tatting is one thing I just can’t get my head around, despite lessons from the Husband’s cousin, who’s a demon tatter and wins awards and ribbons for her work. It’s just too tiny….

    • A person can’t do everything after all! Tatting is a fiddly pastime, but like other things, once you get the hang of it, it does make sense, and the muscle memory takes over. Well done Husband’s cousin! Mormor dreams of making pieces worthy of such admiration!

  3. that is an amazing little tatting shuttle!! And Mormor is so talented. Will she be trimming some Hitty clothing with her output?

  4. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that you can make ( what looks to me like exquisite lace) you have sooooo many talents. But as I read the comments and see others can do this do, just shocks me to no end.

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