Prinsesstårta Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcake

We’ve been busy in the kitchen because it’s a special day today! First we made vanilla cupcakes…




…then drilled holes in them using an apple corer (not all the way to the bottom).




We filled the holes with home-made vanilla custard…




…then made frosting with whipping cream and raspberry jam.



Green Marzipan

After frosting the cupcakes, we covered them with a circle of green Marzipan (eased into shape over a glass paperweight)…




…and placed a marzipan rosebud in the centre…



Powdered Sugar

…finally dusting the tops with powdered sugar.



Someone’s Birthday!

Today is the youngest human’s 8th birthday!  Happy birthday to you, girl dear!






13 thoughts on “Prinsesstårta Cupcakes

  1. I’ve never had a homemade one before, only the rather nasty ones IKEA sells in Australia. They are probably rather stale, too. Yours look delish, almost enough to make me wish for another birhtday!

  2. Very special cupcakes for a very special young lady! Happy birthday young one! Enjoy all the attention today and may this year bring lots of joy in numerous different ways! May you catch every big or small pleasure coming your way. Keep happy and keep smiling.

    • Constance and I have been wanting to try this recipe for ages! It was a perfect excuse, and we were very pleased at the results! We also hope our young human will find joy this year…she is a cheerful soul, so I think she will!

  3. The QHs have outdone themselves with these beautiful details on those very pretty cupcakes. The youngest human member of the family-happy 8th birthday to you! I thoroughly enjoy all of the narratives that include you.

    • It was fun to make the cupcakes…we coloured and prepared the marzipan one day and made the cupcakes, custard and frosting, and assembled them all the next day…a big job, but totally worth it! Both the deliciousness of them but also the delight on young human’s face when I gave them to her.

  4. Happy 8th Birthday youngest human. You are a precious ,darling and very creative little girl. I love all of your stories and look forward to more of them.
    These cupcakes are so pretty…I am delighted to see how you made them.
    The tiny Hitty sized cupcakes are amazing…don’t know how you manage to make them so perfect and tiny.

    • Eight is a delightful age! The tiny cupcakes were fun…after coring holes into the big ones, we had all these tiny Hitty-sized muffin-shapes…it didn’t take much to make mini prinsesstårtas! And Constance was very encouraging!

  5. Happy Birthday Young and Inspired/Inspiring Dollmaker/Storyteller! You are a valued member of this dollmaking doll-loving group! Your grandmamma has made exquisite cupcakes for you, and we are all sending you wishes for a wonderful year that begins with these delicious treats! Thank you for the stories that you tell here. Be well, be happy and have a lot of fun!!!

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