Pegs and Paint


Here is the new girl, with her surfaces all sanded, and pegs made, but not fastened…




…because after sanding she needed a coat of interior satin Varathane to seal the wood before painting. While she was hanging upside-down to dry , I thought she probably wished that she could just take a little bath in it, and dry herself off with a towel.




This is the first  Hitty I have given blonde hair to…



Leg Pegs

I think she likes it!




Here she’s done except for trimming the pegs off and tidying up the joints.




I am calling her Henrietta, after Dr Bonnie Henry, who is our British Columbia Medical Health Officer. Dr Henry continues to encourage us to be kind, calm and safe while we are dealing with Covid-19.




Henrietta likes pink!



18 thoughts on “Pegs and Paint

  1. Oh wow! Henrietta is so beautiful I could cry. Once again, thank you for sharing the beauty and creativity that surrounds you. It is a great honor to be a “part” of what goes on at the Quimper Hitty Household.

  2. Congratulations on your newest carving adventure and Welcome Welcome Henrietta. I’m a big fan of blond Hitties and her lovely hair and beautiful coloring are wonderfully set off by pink. I’m so enjoying watching your community of ‘Woodens’ adventures unfolding and expanding….Thanks for Sharing

    • Thank you too! The human and wooden inhabitants of my house think Henrietta is going to be a delightful addition to the flock -we are all looking forward to the adventures they might have together!

  3. Henrietta is magnificent!!!! Wow… on so many levels… W O W! And, I also got a surprise when you painted her hair blonde, as I also painted 2 of my new carved dolls with blond hair this week, which is a first for me, too. Is there something in the air? Anyhow, she is utterly enchanting and I look forward to seeing her adventures unfold. 🙂 ❤

    • It was fun to try something new – I haven’t been very sure about a blonde doll – the colours didn’t seem right until my oldest child mixed some paints for me and made some suggestions about combining colours…I do like the result! Hitty Henrietta does too! No doubt about it – adventures will be forthcoming!

  4. Welcome to the family of Hitty, Henrietta. She is adorable with her blonde hair and pink dress. She is a very lucky Hitty to become part of the Quimper’s.

    • I think about the Hitty of the story book who was carved some time in the deep midwinter… We think we are lucky to have her join the other dolls in the cupboard, and I am certain they will make her welcome!

  5. what a pretty lass she is. The blonde hair is perfect! How fun that she is named after a real person and it sounds like a human with a lot of personality. I love dolls with their own very distinct personality and your girls all have that!! It really is that special extra something!!

    • Thanks so much. Our Dr. Henry is such an inspiration – I hoped this little girl would have personality, hoping Henrietta will to be a kind, calm, safe, smart and lovely doll to have in the cupboard!

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