Tea for Henrietta


When Henrietta and Constance were introduced, they knew immediately that they would be friends…





I always like to photograph the first and most recent dolls together. It is interesting to see how much I have learned…no insult intended to Constance – she will always be my dearest first Hitty!




Tea Trolley

…with the increasing numbers of Hittys in the household, we had to get a new teapot…




Luckily one of our favourite potters, Cathi Jefferson has started making Yi-Xing teapots…click here for Cathi Jefferson’s website.




There is nothing like a cup of tea and a friendly natter to encourage conversations…




…and of course Rose wanted to measure her feet for socks (pink please!)



Siyah’s opinion

Some members of the family think there are already enough dolls in the cupboard…




…but everyone else thinks the more the merrier!



18 thoughts on “Tea for Henrietta

      • I would love that. I look forward to the pandemic being over so that we can safely travel again. I have a lot of little wooden dolls who are restless to see the ocean and our Island friends…. as are we!

      • … Well, then, I’m holding out for the fancy shoes. Do you have patterns for Hitty clothes you’re able to share, and would you accept contributions, or is this your very own ‘thing’ and you’d like to keep it to yourself?

  1. One can never have too many Hittys. Constance is still one of my many favorites…in fact…each one is my favorite. My Hitty’s love tea time.
    Siyah ( sorry don’t think i am spelling this correctly) is so funny.

    • Siyah is an elegant and opinionated cat, she definitely has opinions about Hittys!
      I’m with you – they are all my favourite Hittys, and we all think tea is a good addition to any occasion!

  2. What a wonderful welcome for Henrietta. Ahhh, how great to be welcomed, even though different in form (blonde), diversity is a blessing. Thanks for this winter coziness for the newcomer.

    • Henrietta is looking forward to lots of fun with her new family. Rose says that new socks will help keep her cosy and snug, and she is digging around for her knitting needles and looking for pink yarn.

  3. when they are as adorable as the Quimper Hittys then yes indeed the more the merrier!!! Henrietta is such a dear!! Even if Siyah is not impressed!! Cats are rarely all that impressed with our human endeavors. Love the new tea pot. I am off to look at her website.

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