Pizza Porch Party!


The virus means we have to think of ways to visit our humans without getting too close. Dr Henry says outside, and 2 meters distant works for humans, so Henrietta got on the phone…




…and some friends and relations came over for a Pizza Porch Party (luckily we live in a relatively warm part of North America)!



Fun for All

Quimper Humans on one side of the porch, and Comox Valley Humans on the other…we ordered pizza delivery, and there were so many happy tummies!!! It was very nice to visit…



Hellebore Hide-and-seek

…and after supper the Hittys played Hide-and-seek in the garden!




10 thoughts on “Pizza Porch Party!

  1. So sweet that the Hitty’s and humans both had pizza. Pizza is the perfect party food on a chilly Winter’s day. Youngest human is growing up so fast. Love seeing her with the woodens.

    • We all agreed it was fun though chilly – everyone had quilts and blankets, and it was really great to share food, talk and laugh together! We decided to try and do this every couple of weeks!

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