Out of Season


A Hitty friend visited last week for an outdoor socially distanced cup of tea – thank goodness the weather cooperated! Our friend brought us a fancy kitchen ornament for the Hitty cupboard…




..we all love the cute design, and the ideas it evokes of cosy kitchens and good smells…




…it certainly put Constance in the mood to review some of our favourite Christmas Cooky recipes…




…and coincidentally, I made a new seasonal apron which she tried on for size!

A funny time to be thinking of Christmas, but oh well!



8 thoughts on “Out of Season

  1. I love the quiet and cozy of Constance in a place of reflection and tea. Your Hitty friend chose a very pretty item for the kitchen. I’m so glad you had a chance to visit together.

    • I love it too – when I feel stressed, I just go have a cup of tea with Constance. She is very companionable! My Hitty friend is the one who took Tansy to China in 2014 – I think I have almost persuaded her to carve her own Hitty now she is about to retire!

  2. Oooh, a teeny weeny Christmas cookie roller! How gorgeous! It reminds me that my mother had a carved wooden mould of Sinterklaas for big Christmas speculaas bickies. I have no idea where it went when the family home was sold… Sad.

    • Oh, I am sorry the Sinterklaas cooky mould went astray…that is unfortunate. We were thrilled with this wee one – it had Constance looking up the Springerle recipe, and wondering if we have enough hartshorn to make it.

  3. How nice to have a visitor. and what a lovely gift. I have a larger one with cats etched into it! I love your tiny reindeer version. The new holiday apron is delightful. Love the combination trim of rick rack and lace.

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