Forsythia Clouds

Picket Fence

Everywhere she walked, Tipsy found Forsythia bushes covered in gorgeous yellow blossoms.




The sunny day was even warmer and more golden under the yellow blooms…




…Tipsy clambered up…




…to get a closer view! They don’t have a very strong scent, but each blossom is simply beautiful from close up…




…and when the bushes are entirely covered in flowers, it is like sitting inside a sunny cloud!



8 thoughts on “Forsythia Clouds

    • The yellow blossoms are so lovely – while we exit the cherry cloud season and entering the forsythia clouds we are glad to realise that somehow these clouds bring us joy every year – it is wonderful to see that the usual changes are happening in the gardens.

    • Something about the sunny yellow clouds cheers us right up! We try to breathe in the joy and hold it a little, but it is very ephemeral. We feel so lucky that we can renew ourselves with walks in nature and near the beautiful gardens of our city!

  1. The County HIttys and myself are also enjoying our forsythia clouds…and the Redbud tree clouds! Such a pretty spring. Tipsy is looking quite at home with the flowers in her green frock.

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