Scrap Happy Bonnet – April 2021


After many soggy spring days, the sun came out, and the William’s Bon Chrétien Pear tree decided to bloom!

Henrietta frolicked in the sunny tree among the blossoms, but it was so bright that…



Mystery Linen

…she requested I make sunbonnet!

This piece of cotton diaper weave cloth was never a nappy.  “Diaper” in weaving terminology just means a small repeating pattern over the surface of the cloth. I wonder if it used to be a tray cloth, or possibly a guest towel, or maybe an antimacassar?




Whatever it was, after I cut one end off I made it into a pinafore for Henrietta, and then – Hooray! I had a genuine scrap to work with (as opposed to a perfectly useful antimacassar).




First I measured Henrietta’s head – over the crown from shoulder to shoulder…




…then cut out a rectangle of cloth…the head measurement is the tatted edge, the long edge is about one and a half times that length.




I folded over the raw edges and stitched some cotton tape over.




Then with a minimal amount of folding and stitching….



Prairie Bonnet

…I ended up with a “Prairie Bonnet” for Henrietta…

(Based on Folkwear Pattern #213)




… and now she is happy, shady, not squinting, and won’t get sunburned!

ScrapHappy is a group of bloggers using up scraps of anything – no new materials…Anything made of genuine scraps is eligible, and posts come out once a month on the 15th! If you like the idea and want to join the group, contact Kate or Gun through their blogs (links below).

Here are the links for other ScrapHappy people – headed by Kate and Gun, who devised and run the group: 





29 thoughts on “Scrap Happy Bonnet – April 2021

  1. What a sensible Hitty Miss Henrietta is, to know she should stay out of the bright sunshine with her colouring. That is a really beautiful bonnet, a perfect use of the last of the fabric and frivolité (a much nicer name than tatting!). She looks so pretty!

    • Miss Henrietta thanks you very much, and is grateful to you for teaching her the alternate name – frivolité – it’s very descriptive! We weren’t expecting to need a sunbonnet in April – so we were glad to have this genuine scrap to snip, stitch and fold!

  2. adorable. I know I use that word often when commenting on your posts, but it’s coz the Hittys and their garments and accessories really are. Thank you for making them and sharing them

  3. Oh, so cute! Thanks so very much for your tutorial in how you made this sweet little (folky !) bonnet for the very pretty Henrietta.

    • Henrietta was glad to have a new bonnet, and glad to share the method. I made one of these for my oldest child about 25 years ago, and always thought it was so easy and pretty…perfect for Hitty!

  4. Love this! Thanks for sharing the steps. I noted the pattern #, but is it for dolls or real people? I ask because I’m always looking for life-size historical pattern sources. Love this little pinafore and bonnet. And that fine tatting….oh, it’s to drool over!

    • This is a pattern for human children, though Folkwear patterns are mainly adult-sized. The pinafore and Bonnet were fun to make, the tatting a perfect little edge for these little garments.

    • I expect we’ll see more sun, and feel more heat than usual – 24 degrees down the hill from you today, and almost no wind! I sincerely hope it is not a harbinger of a boiling hot summer.

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