Muddy April Morning


April showers bring May flowers…



Lily of the Valley

…including the little Lily-of-the Valley…




…and the enormous onion!




However, according to Mudlark, the best thing about rain is the way it soaks into the clay and dirt…




…and creates soggy, slippery mud!




Mudlark is somewhat nostalgic for her days in the London mud, but Guttersnipe (who spent much of the last century in a drawer) is ready to go back into the cupboard and clean her shoes.




9 thoughts on “Muddy April Morning

    • Mudlark’s head was rescued from the Thames mud by a mudlarker, I thought it was a perfect name for her…I carved a body to fit! Guttersnipe, as far as anyone can tell, spent the last 100 years somewhere less exciting! A friend carved her body.

  1. I’m with guttersnipe’s need to get the mud off her shoes. How many times have I found a snake like track of mud in my kitchen from ridges of mud in sneakers. Too many!

  2. Wonderful story. Yesterday was a muddy one here, for sure. Rained ALL day. Today is very windy. Had the opportunity to get caught in Vice Pres motorcade highway shutdowns TWICE today. Took me from 9am to 3:45pm just to get 30 miles home. Ugh! We only have 2 bridges across the river that are functional at the moment and both were closed…one to a bad accident & the other to motorcade. On the up side. I saw the VP Motorcade coming and going… and while I sat parked on the interstate ramp, I crocheted a good portion of a new drawstring bag.

    • It sounds like you had a trying day, but I am glad you were able to put some of the enforced spare time to good use with your crochet project! It is also my custom to travel with yarn and knitting needles, just in case. Of course I live on an island, and am often sitting around on the ferry…

  3. Love the crocheted dress! It has been a wet here in MO so we are looking forward to lovely summer flwers. Hope the garden flourishes for the Quimper dolls and their humans

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