Skip to School


Mormor had an early morning dentist appointment, which caused her to retire to bed with a headache…




…luckily Constance was happy to walk Min to school…




Min is learning a new skill…




…Constance has to hustle to keep up!

Skip, skip, skip! (the video quality is better if you watch it on youtube)




Feline Therapy

Mormor felt better after a nap and some Feline therapy.



15 thoughts on “Skip to School

    • There is a joy and delight in the skipping, and yes the nap went some way toward restoring Mormor’s equilibrium…the cat wasn’t actually all that helpful, though the subsequent cup of tea was!

  1. I am delighted to see the joy of skipping and that the headache has passed with the aid of a nap and a cat. It is also wonderful that you and your Young One are living close enough for morning walks!

  2. This brings back such wonderful memories. I grew up in the city with lots of kids in the neighborhood. We would play jump rope and our favorite was double Dutch…two ropes overlapping while we jumped in. The thrill was when the older girls would be coming home from work, take off their high heels, and jump in…it was a passage…and I remember the last time I jumped in…I was coming home from work…kicked off my high heels and jumped in. Thank you so much for this wonderful memory.

    • Jumping Rope is something I remember too, though I never progressed to double dutch – kept tripping, not skipping, and I wasn’t even wearing high heels! I was good at turning the rope though. What good exercise that was, I demonstrated “pepper” (double speed skipping) to the young one, along with a rhyme to go-with…but not for very long!

  3. Sooo charming. what a happy little video!! Min (and the smallest human) are very talented!
    Very pleased to see that Mormor is better….

  4. If I haven’t said so lately, Thank you for being a constant pleasure. I really enjoy these little stories. Very happy to hear that Mormor is doing better, too. Feline therapy is the best therapy.

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