Wood Scraps – Scrap Happy May 2021


We dug out the wooden tiles leftover from the Hitty’s bathroom project (Scrap Happy May 2020)…



Wood Chip Post card

…and made postcards! The chips were arranged onto Fusible webbing, which was then attached to a piece of acid-free card, and the whole thing ironed to stick everything together.  Then I trimmed the edges, and gave the wood surface a few coats of Varathane, sanding lightly between coats. The message was written onto the other side, and the whole thing popped into an envelope…I was not sure if the wood chip Nine-patch “Quilt” would hold together all the way to England, but it did!




I have been in a scrappy wood phase – here is a bit plywood, leftover from a neighbour’s woodworking project…I turned it into a little sign…



Free – Take one

…sometimes I put a few posies out on the boulevard if we have enough to share…a Friday Bouquet for passers-by (Floradora and Vanilla only stayed long enough to help arrange the flowers)!




My third scrap wood project used a wooden blind, purchased at least 25 years ago at IKEA. Redundant at last (I have been eyeing it covetously all this time) I took it apart and saved the slats to use as warp spacers during weaving. I needed a few of them for something else though…



Tin Snips

…after snipping the ends off with a pair of tin snips (which actually worked better than my first attempt with the little saw) I was left with a nice six inch long piece…




…then Floradora helped with the lettering….



Garden Labels

…but I operated the wood-burning tool…



…and made some new garden labels!

ScrapHappy is a group of bloggers using up scraps of anything – no new materials…Anything made of genuine scraps is eligible, and posts come out once a month on the 15th! If you like the idea and want to join the group, contact Kate or Gun who devised and run this group.  Their blogs are the first two links below:




30 thoughts on “Wood Scraps – Scrap Happy May 2021

  1. Floradora’s gardening apron is to die for. I was worried for a moment that she and Vanilla might have been considered part of the ‘Free – take one’ offer and whisked away but relieved to read they were only there momentarily.
    I like the idea of those plant labels too and can see some in my future.

    • Floradora and Vanilla would like to have been proper flower shop proprietors! The little apron is perfect for a wee gardener isn’t it…except for the lack of pockets, which I may have to attend to.

  2. Hmmmm….. I looked at those lovely wooden slats and thought they’d make a great square frame filled with narrow shelves containing dowel pegs to store reels and bobbins of cotton. Lovely your pyrography lettering on the marker pegs!

    • The slats are much to delightful to be tossed out, I am certain they have many uses, I did cut some in half lengthwise to use as top rails in the wainscotting of the Hitty bathroom last year, and use them regularly for warp-spacing on the loom…a reels and bobbins holder frame sounds like a great use for them too. Thanks for the pyrography compliment! I did enjoy the process, never done much of it before – thanks to the favourite photographer for the new “toy”!

  3. What splendid scrapping you’ve done this month! I wish I were one of your dolls to watch your activities! Thanks so much for your fun, fun, blog.

    • Thanks, and you are very welcome! I did enjoy all the bits of wooden scrapping…it was funny to realize that most of my creative energy went into wood this month – I think I feel a doll coming on!

  4. Scrap happy day is always such a treat! Thank you for all the great moments and the smiles! You and your woodens are the best remedy to the actual crisis!!! Tons of love from the Sutton household. You have made this ugly year tolerable and brought sunshine in our everyday life! We love you to pieces!

    • Thank you so much, Dollhouse Lady…we like to leave the little bouquets at the boulevard, it is a nod to the original house on St Denis in Montreal, which I think you said had been a flower shop! Friends can help make hard times easier, and people like you are some of the best! Thanks to you!

  5. You and your girls are so creative/inventive. Your projects are fun to see and they are always beautiful.

    • Thanks so much! We sometimes get bogged down in the mire of real life, here in Quimperland as well as “out there”. My creative life does lift me up! So do the kind comments from friends like you! I always feel better after spending time in the small wooden universe.

      • Of course, we can’t come this summer, but we hope that next summer will be possible 🙂 And, I am sure that a basket of small wooden friends will love to have tea with some of the Quimper Hittys! And until then, we shall continue to delight in the exploits of the Quimper HIttys via the wonders of the internet ❤

    • The labels worked out better than I even thought they would! Thanks very much – Floradora and Vanilla agree that it would be a shame to keep all the lovely blooms when they could go out and cheer other people up too!

    • Thank you very much – we did enjoy our wood-burning projects especially this month, though the postcard “nine-patch quilt” was fun too! The garden is very alluring this time of year to little and big people!

  6. Thank you so much, little dolls have little adventures and little problems, it is a relief some times to see the world through their eyes. We enjoyed learning about the wood-burning, and I think we’ll be doing some more!

  7. How generous to share your blossoms with passer bys. And what a clever use of those slats…Love your signs. Also the postcard from the little wood tiles…genius!!

    • There are a lot of people walking past – and we live directly opposite the local community playground, so although I always wonder if anyone actually wants them, they always disappear!

  8. Oh, I loves it! Especially the idea of using the blinds as spacers for weaving. My loom came with cardboard, and I hate it! I’ve been trying to figure out a cost-effective solution. Now, I have it! I can find a blind at the thrifty for sure. Thanks! Love your little wood quilt, too. So many ideas, so little time!

    • One of my friends uses brown paper on a roll for warp-spacing. It can be re-used so although you may have to buy it in the first place, it does last! I do like these wooden blind slats – they aren’t as sharp as metal or even plastic.
      I know what you mean about so little time…

      • I’ve used the rolled paper, too. In fact that’s what I’m using at the moment. Less likely to lose the individual pieces… but I was wanting wood for the living history events… cardboard just doesn’t work there very well.

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