Good King Henry

Hen, Henry and Henrietta

The garden hen has decided to keep close to this plant…



Chenopodium bonus- henricus

…which is Henrietta’s favourite plant in the entire garden.




Henrietta is named in honour of Dr Bonnie Henry, and the scientific name of Good King Henry is Chenopodium bonus-henricus!




Floradora and Henrietta collected a basket of Good King Henry leaves…




…and carried them back across the garden…




…so they could make them into a delicious salad.



10 thoughts on “Good King Henry

  1. I used to have clumps of this in my chicken run, and the Girls loved it! They also appreciated the comfrey and did a sterling job of ridding me of tradescantia.

    • Hooray for the hens, and the Henry…I am glad they helped out with the Tradescantia…I like the plant in small amounts, but it doesn’t want to grow at all for me. Sounds like that might be a good thing!

  2. The little rooster smock is precious. Your garden looks so welcoming. Just the nicest spot for a picnic to enjoy a salad with those Good King Henry leaves.

    • I love the little chicken smock too – a friend from Texas sent two little embroidered cloths to me, having gotten them in Nova Scotia. One smock went to Quebec, but the other stages here to delight the Quimper Hittys…I think Henrietta has adopted it for now.

  3. What beautiful photos you’ve shared as well as some lovely bounty from the garden which by the way is so prettily labeled and visited by such pretty little dolls.

    • Thanks! We are loving the garden this year, having put quite a bit of effort into the flower beds last year and veggie bed this year. It is certainly very rewarding for both the wooden and human inhabitants of quimperland!

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