Writing Desk Repair 4

New Bone knob

The Quimper Hitty human discovered a very small and lovely old writing desk in an antique store…most of it was repaired in 2019 soon after it was purchased, except for replacing the lid support knob…



desk lid support

…but a generous and kind friend offered to help with that. We provided a broken bone sewing awl for the material and he used the original bone knob as a model. He must have a very tiny lathe – the new knob on the left is a perfect match for the old one on the right!




Now the desk is completely fixed, and Constance is feeling inspired to write some letters!



23 thoughts on “Writing Desk Repair 4

    • We do too! I wonder about the dolly letters that have been written at this little desk, and sent to doll friends all over the world! If only furniture could talk – eh?

    • It was so lucky that our friend The Dollhouse Lady had just the right screws to fit into the original hinges! To fix the lid-support pull knob, another friend took a broken bone sewing awl, and somehow turned it on a tiny lathe (I have heard of this being done using a screwdriver and a knife, but did not have the nerve to try it!). We were so grateful our friend gave it a go, and are amazed at the way the little knob turned out! It was the last thing the little desk needed to be complete!

    • Constance is trimming her pens, and getting out her blotters…she may even inspire me to write to some long-neglected correspondents! And now she will be able to lean her elbows on the desk between thoughts!

  1. The icing on the cake! Patience rewarded…not only a fine antique, the desk is now a work of love! You think…maybe there ‘s an author in one of the woodens? Wonderful job all around and more magic to come.

    • It is a work of love, and serendipity! I was so glad to find it, so happy to repair the bits I could, very grateful for the pieces supplied by you and now it is complete, thanks to a talented friend…that is true magic! I wonder if any of the Quimper Hittys feels like writing? I would love to read their tiny stories…

  2. Oh, what a lovely little desk! I’m envious. I want a life-sized one! And that quill! Wow! I have a single little feather I kept from my zebra finch for a doll quill. It’s so very tiny. When I look at it I am in awe of the God who created such details… I can’t see how people can’t be…in awe, that is.

    • Isn’t it splendid! We are so pleased that it is now complete and operational! Both the lid supports were away while the replacement knob was made, so the girls couldn’t use the desk, but now they are vying for the opportunity to sit there doing homework, writing letters etc!

  3. You certainly did find the find of the year. I’m wondering if this desk is a “sample desk” that was shown for examples for people desks. It’s just so perfect. The knob is a dead ringer for the original .Wonderful treasure.

    • I really gasped when I saw it in the antique store, and was so pleased to get it for a reasonable price because of it’s “imperfections”. It has been a delight to repair and restore the wood, replace the screws (thanks to my friend the Dollhouse lady) and cause the bone knob to be replaced with a perfect little reproduction (thanks to my talented friend).

    • Thanks! I found it a really enjoyable process to fix what I could fix, and get help for the bits that were beyond me. Getting that last piece into place was very satisfying!

    • Isn’t it!? I don’t know what it’s original purpose was, it is a beautifully made little piece of furniture, and would have worked well either way.The Quimper Hittys insist on working miniatures wherever possible (book that can be read, drawers that open etc) The wood stove is an exception though…

  4. Oh my goodness….anyone would be inspired to write letters with such a marvelous desk! And how lovely that a friend was able to match that tiny knob!!

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