Writing Desk supplies


Supplies have been gathered and stored in the lovely old writing desk…




…paper, envelopes, stamps, quills, ink well, ink bottle, a blotter, and …



Pen Wiper

…a pen-wiper.




Constance begins: Dearest friends



16 thoughts on “Writing Desk supplies

  1. Just when you think it can’t get any better, Constance finds all the supplies for this terrific desk. I especially zoomed in on the quill. I looked up bird feathers, and found ” The great spotted Woodpecker” we don’t have any in this part of the world…Ireland gets them occasionally…rare.
    A double wonderful find…I think it is appropriate to go with that rare find of a desk.

    • Wouldn’t it be exciting if Constance’s quill was a Great spotted woodpecker feather! Alas, it is only a common starling feather, but we do love it – a perfectly perfect little Hitty-sized quill!

  2. That is one VERY well equipped writing desk. Enjoyed seeing all the supplies and that wonderful pen wiper! The Country HIttys quite enjoyed seeing all of the photos and are now working to equip their roll top desk with suitable tools for letter writing. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • I am sure the Country Hittys will enjoy the hunt for small bits of writing equipment! Doesn’t that little perfume bottle make a perfect ink bottle?! The ink well is a large glass bead that had a silver core – perfect! And we are always on the lookout for interesting feathers!

  3. Yes, Constance, thank you for the inspiration. There are some letters that I must write and post very shortly. You are an inspiration. All of your accoutrements just make the job that much more fun. Imagine, a pen wiper! Thanks for sharing.

    • It is fun to write when the paper is nice, the ink ready and the desk tidy – Constance has inspired me! We were so pleased to find the pen-wiper, and everyone knows quill pens are messy…the blotter and the wiper are just what the Quimper Hittys needed!

  4. Does Constance have beautiful copperplate handwriting? No one is taught penmanship in school any more and I find it such a pity that this is a dying art. At least she has everything she needs 🙂

    • Constance does her very best, but alas, her hands are not all that dextrous having been carved in mitten shape, and her arms are without the benefit of an elbow. She does her best! I agree that copperplate writing is lovely to behold. I have several letters written in a beautiful hand by a relative in the late 1800’s, unfortunately they are all in Swedish, which I can’t read.

      • My late father’s handwriting was beautiful. He was born in 1923, when they still taught children to write beautifully and legibly. Constance is so capable and skilled in other areas, we can forgive her for having purely functional writing!

  5. All your posts are inspiring in their own way, but this may be the best yet. Not because of the undoubted value of the desk and Constance, but for the wonderful, comforting feel of the life it reflects. Thanks for all the work and love on your part, that reflects the beautiful lives of yourself and your dolls.

    • Dear Janet – I have received such boundless generosity and love from you and my other Hitty friends (and others)…you are so welcome, and you know I wouldn’t be having such fun without sharing back with you – and passing forward the love and joy in some small way. ❤

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