Le petit hérisson

Un petit hérisson

Un petit herisson a tombe pardesu borde de son arbre des herissons…



Une Amie

…Il a trouve un lit et une amie…




…le lit était confortable parce qu’il était adorable et mauve.




Anthea adore les hérissons



Walking to school with young human is a neverendingly delightful experience – today a story popped up out of finding an immature chestnut at the base of its parent tree. Young human decided to write the story in French, but for English speakers, it goes like this:

A little hedgehog that has fallen out of it’s hedgehog tree; The hedgehog found a friend and a bed; The bed was comfortable because it was adorable and mauve; and the hedgehog was beloved by Anthea – she adores hedgehogs.

25 thoughts on “Le petit hérisson

    • She lives with a couple of wonderful and unique individuals who happen to be her parents, each of whom are encouraging and creative in their different ways. I am invited to play and participate, and feel very lucky to have them all in my life!

    • I had no idea there was a different way to pronounce mauve, other than rhyming with stove! How fascinating, and how interesting to learn some of the history of the pronunciation, and the predictions for its future. Maybe it will not change in Canada, so long we all have to take a certain amount of instruction in both languages in school.

  1. Thanks for the translation. It’s too early for me to think in French, backtrack to Latin, and then hop forward to English. Such a beautiful little flower.

      • Yes, I do. I’m gathering my dollies for a photo session this week. It seems so odd without my little ones (god-daughters) around. Still struggling to adapt to them not being underfoot and in the house this summer. It’s too too quiet.

  2. Un bijou ce petit comte! Merci de le partager dans ma langue…il traduit bien toute la créativité d’un jeune esprit rempli d’amour. Bisous tout plein! ❤️

    • I was so happy and lucky to receive a copy of the little story from the hand of the author! She is an imaginative little person, and I am so glad she is learning your language! One day surely she will visit Quebec – maybe with me!

  3. Youngest human never fails to astonish me. Bilingual no less. Her imagination genes certainly comes from you K. This little story is so touching. Love it.

    • We are lucky in Canada to have a “French Immersion” option at school for children in most larger and some smaller communities nowadays. I think young human’s imagination is all her own, but I am glad to abet it! I found the hedgehog, and the rest came pouring forth!

    • It has been a long time for me too, and I studied Latin and Spanish instead of french when I was at school, so it is a stretch…YH didn’t know the word herisson either on the way to school, but had found it out during the day so we could continue our fun – she enjoys learning too!

  4. Beautiful colour, I loved all these photographs, Thank you, Love, nia (today my like button doesn’t work, I will come back)

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