Roses of June


Two years ago the Quimper Hitty humans had some concrete foundations poured so the house could be on a solid footing – much needed for our peace of mind in this earthquake prone part of the Pacific “Rim of Fire”. One thing that had to go was a venerable old rose bush. It was already ancient when we moved here 25 years ago, with a huge bole, and massive root system. It came out in two big chunks, which we moved to the back garden, but were not sure would survive the shock  – but voilà! After being coddled, encouraged, fertilized, sprayed with sulphur and being watered one chunk of it has sprung to life and is leaning over our driftwood archway. The other chunk is struggling but we are hopeful…




…Rose is glad it is blooming again, and thinks it looks great with the new paint colour of this lovely old gate…



…but the best thing about the blossoms is their pretty colour and the heavenly rose fragrance that is wafting around that corner of the yard.


The humans do not miss the scree-scree of the rose canes scratching the window during winter storms.


8 thoughts on “Roses of June

  1. Rose, roses, rose colored…love it! I’m so glad that the rose bush is coming along nicely in the one place and trust that it will survive in the other spot. Your gate is just like one we have here. It closed off the back sidewalk a long time ago but has now found another spot to dwell. I was just looking at it the other day and wondering what color it needed to be revived. I think I’ve found the color in your pretty colored gate. Thank you for continued inspiration and sweet life.

    • We liked the gate a bright blue, but with a new fence going in, we thought it was time for a change…then the roses came out! It was serendipity (and a lot of hard work with a wire brush!!)

  2. I understand being attached to special flowers and trees. It’s wonderful to be able to nurture one and have it bloom again. I’m sure Hitty Rose will keep it blooming.

    • We’ll certainly do our best, and Rose will add her best hopeful and encouraging thoughts. It is a nice old part of the house’s history, along with a white lilac bush which we are trying to nurture.

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